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Welcome to Advocates for Civil Liberties (ACL)

The Advocates for Civil Liberties has been established by an interfaith, ethnically-diverse membership of legal and other business professionals, plus concerned members of the community, who have recognized the urgent need to answer the discrimination and intimidation that surrounds the conversation about Israel.

Please join us for an important conference presented by
Advocates for Civil Liberties
in partnership with The Atlantic Council of Canada.

High-profile speakers will include federal government officials, noted academics, journalists, and renowned professionals in the fields of economics and security analysis.

The so-called  ''Arab Spring" has brought a storm of change to the Middle East.  What are the implications for that region, for Canada, and for Western society at large?

The role of Canada in the Middle East remains largely unknown and misunderstood.  

Reservation details and the complete conference agenda will be available very soon.


Past Events

Our Conference on February 16th, 2011 "When Middle East Politics Invade Campus" was an important step in fighting the war against Jewish students on campus. 

See the 30 minute video highlights of this international conference

"Islamism's War Against Women: Canadian Women Speak Out" was a great success.  Our Recent Panel on Sept 19, 2011, was a brave conversation about gender apartheid.

See our 30 minute video highlight

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We are a grassroots organization, and we need your partnership to continue to make a difference.
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