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Welcome to Advocates for Civil Liberties

The Advocates for Civil Liberties has been established by an interfaith, ethnically-diverse membership of legal and other business professionals, plus concerned members of the community, who have recognized the urgent need to answer the discrimination and intimidation that surrounds the conversation about Israel.

The toxic level of anti-Israel sentiment on university campuses has contributed to an atmosphere of polarization, which marginalizes Jewish students and faculty, as well as many other members of the university community who wish to defend Israel.

As Canadians who value our liberties, we hope to promote dialogue that is free of racist and antisemitic rhetoric.   

Our Conference on February 16th, 2011 "When Middle East Politics Invade Campus" was an important step in fighting the war against Jewish students on campus.

See videos of each of our speakers: Phyllis Chesler, Gil Troy, Andrew Roberts, Salim Mansur, Dr. Catherine Chatterley, Elliot Chodoff, Richard Cravatts and the compelling Student Panel and read some of the international Media coverage of the Conference.


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