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ACL seeks to collaborate with academic officials to devise appropriate, enforceable ground rules for campus political activities. We intend to encourage administrations to enforce their own codes of conduct. Increasingly, demonstrations such as, but not limited to, Israel Apartheid Week on campus, create a hostile atmosphere, and one that stifles the genuine exchange of views on sensitive Middle East issues.

Groups promoting Israel Apartheid Week attack the very concept of dialogue and freedom of speech. Rather than engage in civil discourse, these groups become involved in hateful protests to delegitimize Israel’s standing internationally, and create a climate of intimidation for many members of the university community.

ACL’s mission is to help ensure campus debate about the Middle East is conducted fairly, in order to reduce dramatically, and eliminate eventually, the marginalization of those students and faculty who are defenders of the state of Israel, both Jewish and non-Jewish.

To develop public discussions of Israel and contemporary issues in their historical and legal frameworks, the ACL will present an important academic Conference, entitled, ‘When Middle East Politics Invade Campus”,
on February 16th, 2011. 


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